Room Addition

Room Addition

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Thank you for taking the time to browse our website and consider Prestige Construction & Design as your addition contractors for your next project. Our company is known for serving the southern California area and is considered the most trusted addition contractors. Specifically – we are a general contractor in the Los Angeles area looking to help people remodel their homes into their ideal home. We are licensed, bonded, and insured when coming to perform a job in your home. Los Angeles is a beautiful place to have a home and it is also a great place to get a room addition or revamp done as well which will eventually increase your homes value. Our addition contractors offer dazzling benefits for those who wish to get their rooms remade or revamped. A room addition will help to enhance the following features of your room or personal pad. You can get the whole layout of the room to make it more lively and creative in its appearance. You can also change the room layout so that there is more storage for keeping your personal stuff. If you are about to get married and need some more space for your new family, think of getting a room addition by hiring our five star addition contractors.

Choosing the Best

Room Addition Contractor

Whether it’s for a bigger family or its just time for a change, adding on to your home is the best method of getting a larger house without moving. From vision to planning to construction, Prestige Construction & Design will see you through it by offering the best room addition contractor. Homeowners make the decision to add an additional room or rooms instead of moving to turn their ideas into reality by trusting only the best room addition contractor. With years of experience constructing additions, our room addition contractor have helped many homeowners develop their dream spaces. With a team of professional on-staff architects, engineers, interior designers, design and blue print drafters, we specialize in:

  • Kitchen Extensions.
  • New Master Bedrooms
  • Family Rooms Addition
  • 1st And Second Story Additions
  • Master Bathrooms Additions
Our service

Before & After

Prestige Construction& Design is a room addition Contractor.

Take advantage of our expertise! Let our professional staff develop a cost effective and workable solution for your space. .  And let’s not forget your budget…get premium work with pocket friendly prices!

Your typical Room Addition price should estimate around $160 to $260 per square foot.
Each room addition price is based upon the quality of the materials used and the reason for the addition. For instance, if there were to be a bathroom included with the Room Addition there will be additional plumbing costs in order to keep the addition within code.



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