New Room & Second Story Additions

New Room & Second Story Additions


Life brings changes and families grow! And as change happens, your home’s functionality changes, too. Adding new space for additional rooms, or a second story is a Prestige C & D specialty. We’ve been designing and building home expansions for nearly two decades – from small bathrooms to expansive second floors and decks. The good news is that increasing the size of your home will not only add comfort and convenience, it will typically add more than a dollar per dollar increase in your largest family investment – whether you plan to sell, or simply increase equity.

It’s a known adage that location is everything. if you’re happy with where you live, remodeling is a fun and logical option to the time-consuming, expensive and emotional turmoil of a move. Instead of moving, we can help you turn your ideas, or help design new ones into reality. Prestige C & D’s near two decades of experience in developing additions in a variety of architectural styles from Spanish to Modern to Contemporary has brought much happiness to homeowners who love where they live. Our Team includes licensed and experienced architects, building designers, interior designers, engineers, and landscape architects to match with your specific needs – whether those include a new master bedroom, master or secondary bath, larger kitchen or just a new home office or recreation room, we will provide a turnkey solution to make your dream come true and take your lifestyle up a notch – keeping in mind both your needs, and – your budget.

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Room Addition Contractor

Whether it’s for a bigger family or its just time for a change, adding on to your home is the best method of getting a larger house without moving. From vision to planning to construction, Prestige Construction & Design will see you through it by offering the best room addition contractor. Homeowners make the decision to add an additional room or rooms instead of moving to turn their ideas into reality by trusting only the best room addition contractor. With years of experience constructing additions, our room addition contractor have helped many homeowners develop their dream spaces. With a team of professional on-staff architects, engineers, interior designers, design and blue print drafters, we specialize in:

  • Kitchen Extensions.
  • New Master Bedrooms
  • Family Rooms Addition
  • 1st And Second Story Additions
  • Master Bathrooms Additions



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