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Rebuilding water, fire and natural disaster damage since 2005.

LIFE is full of surprises. But not all of them are good. That’s why we have insurance. So when we do have a problem in our home, we need it fixed – properly and quickly. What we don’t need are more surprises. Thing is, homeowner objectives and insurance company objectives aren’t always the same when surprises happen. Especially when it comes to saving money and understanding what’s covered – and what’s not.

Welcome to Prestige Construction & Design! We’ve been rebuilding water, fire and natural disaster damage since 2005.

The following is ageneral outline of our Contractor Representation Service – a unique program that allows us to help you design and restore all areas damaged by nasty disasters by working with your insurance carrier on your behalf. And to do so with no out of pocket cost to you!It’s asimple plan created to make the remediation process, and the anxiety it can bring,as easy as possible. Our fee is derived 100% from proceeds we negotiate with your insurance carrier; so, in addition to removing financial concerns, you have the benefit of knowing that as your Representative, our experience will enable us to avoid premature and often insufficient settlements by identifying and correcting issues that may not be apparent to a homeowner’s untrained eye.

Our goal is to make sure your project is done quickly, professionally and completely.

We know this is a trying time – but we’re here to help. Questions are free, so give us call!

Rebuilding water, fire and natural disaster damage since 2005.

We’re sorry you’ve been subjected to the recent issue(s) in your home and we hope we can help.

Our Contractor Representation Service is a special program allowing us to represent you asthe homeowner to your insurance carrier to assure that all remediation and restoration work is done quickly and professionally. It also guarantees you will haveno out-of-pocket costs for repairs– and allows us to investigate and evaluate the full scope of the original problem(s) and its related damage. Our costs are paid from our negotiation with your insurance company. It’s a simple 3-step process:

  1. Identify the Problem. We want to make sure that the full extent of your problem is corrected; i.e. that all mold and mildew has been removed–and that there is no structural damage by only looking beyond superficially exposed surfaces.To do so, our specialists are former insurance adjusters with many years experience who work on our behalf to identify the full scope of repairs needed.
  2. Complete Scope of Work. Once we’ve identified the trouble spots we’ll use insurance guidelines to create and submit a detailed Estimate for completing the full scope of repairs to the damage seen, and often unseen. We’re your advocates to make sure that all legitimate claims are fully covered.
  3. Repair the Problems. As a fully licensed and bonded General Contractor we’ll pull the required permits and complete the repairs quickly with constant supervision. And, again, our compensation comes directly from your insurance – not from you!

This Service is a win-win for everyone: You to know all work will be done completely and professionally; your insurance company can rely on us as well to do it right the first time and according to Code and we receive payment from your insurance, not from you.

The truth is that insurance companies want to spend as little as possible by defaulting to the least amount of work they feel is needed. And the key issue is often knowing if the source of a covered problem is “sudden or accidental” (a problem that should be fully covered) or damage caused by a gradual deterioration over time – a claim that could be denied. Knowing what to look for and what to demand is critical to receiving full and proper coverage.

We hope your problem has a speedy, safe and complete resolution and are ready to help if we can.

Thank you for your consideration!

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