Accessory Dwelling Units Los Angeles


Under California state laws, ADU is described as a small self-contained residential unit located in the same plot of land. Typically an ADU is small in size, incorporating the basic amenities such as kitchen, sleeping area, and bathroom. Especially, there are three types of Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles:

  • Attached
  • Interior
  • Detached


If you want to keep your parents and other family members close to you, the attached ADU is a great option for choosing. You can even make out additional income by keeping tenants at your attached ADU. In an attached dwelling unit, the additions are adjoined to the rear or side of the house. In many cases, garages can also be transformed into attached ADUs. Prestige C&D’s experts will guide you about ADU addition cost in Los Angeles.


In case if you have two entrances in your home and you don’t want to use the extra space, interior ADU builds a converted space usually a basement or attic.


As the name suggests, detachable ADU’s are a completely stand-alone structure. The detachable dwelling units are built as an entirely separate structure. It can be constructed on a detached garage or existing accessory structure.

In recent legislation passed by the California Government, ADU is made easier for single-family homeowners. Prestige Construction and Design, famous ADU builder in Los Angeles, provides you with hassle-free expertise ADU construction consultation and makeover services at quite affordable prices. We provide permit, construction, and design of Accessory Dwelling Unit throughout Los Angeles. Consultants at Prestige acknowledge the ADU Requirements in Los Angeles and draw the blueprint depending on your architectural style. We provide custom made ADU home packages that include site evaluation and, design and engineering.

Prestige Construction and Design is an expert in the ADU project solution and provides a turnkey solution. If you are looking to transform your home into a small ADU project, call Prestige Construction and Design and get a completely new outlook of your home.

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