New Look To Your Dwelling Unit

New Look To Your Dwelling Unit

Designing Interiors To Give A New Look To Your Dwelling Unit

Our expert team at Prestige Construction & Design is all set to deliver top-notch services from interior designing to a brand new home design. Professional designers are ready to help you to make your dream dwelling unit with latest interior designing ideas. This is the one stop solution for your all designing requirements including Nautical, Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Minimalist, Industrial and Mediterranean Interior Designs. We have built our expert team with highly experienced interior designers, engineers and architects who guide our clients with suggestions on dwelling unit design 

  • Reasons to Choose US

There are a couple of reasons to choose our expert designer’s help-

  • Our interior designer team members are also dedicated employees of the construction group, which is really a huge advantage for you to design your interior decoration.
  • Our interior designers can verify all your newly planned construction aspects before they start their designing.
  • Budget is also an important part of interior designing and in this context our professional designers can discuss with you about the cost for your designing ideas. You can check out our helping desk from here to know your estimated budget about your dream project.
  • Our Various Interior Designing Services

There is a wide range of interior designing styles that we offer to our customers in Los Angeles-

  1. Nautical Interior Designing Style

This type of design inside the home will portray a positive wave. Through this design you will have an image of relaxing view and the nautical design has different coastal and cottage style decors. Prestige C&D, the famous dwelling unit constructor and designer of Los Angeles will make your dream dwelling unit real. Basically we use the white color or sand color and sometimes we also use a few blue color touches. We use a few items for decorating this interior designing style including sailboats, navigation map, clear jar, jute ropes, and seashells in clear jar.

  1. Traditional Interior Designing Style

Here you can give your house some classy touches with wooden furniture including different styles which are applied by our conventional experts. This interior designing style is also very famous as Old School European Style.

We use different elements in traditional interior designing-

  • Elaborative model and wood paneling
  • Classic European decor where antique pieces are used.

Classy and sober use of colors.

Accessory Dwelling Units Los Angeles


Under California state laws, ADU is described as a small self-contained residential unit located in the same plot of land. Typically an ADU is small in size, incorporating the basic amenities such as kitchen, sleeping area, and bathroom. Especially, there are three types of Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles:

  • Attached
  • Interior
  • Detached


If you want to keep your parents and other family members close to you, the attached ADU is a great option for choosing. You can even make out additional income by keeping tenants at your attached ADU. In an attached dwelling unit, the additions are adjoined to the rear or side of the house. In many cases, garages can also be transformed into attached ADUs. Prestige C&D’s experts will guide you about ADU addition cost in Los Angeles.


In case if you have two entrances in your home and you don’t want to use the extra space, interior ADU builds a converted space usually a basement or attic.


As the name suggests, detachable ADU’s are a completely stand-alone structure. The detachable dwelling units are built as an entirely separate structure. It can be constructed on a detached garage or existing accessory structure.

In recent legislation passed by the California Government, ADU is made easier for single-family homeowners. Prestige Construction and Design, famous ADU builder in Los Angeles, provides you with hassle-free expertise ADU construction consultation and makeover services at quite affordable prices. We provide permit, construction, and design of Accessory Dwelling Unit throughout Los Angeles. Consultants at Prestige acknowledge the ADU Requirements in Los Angeles and draw the blueprint depending on your architectural style. We provide custom made ADU home packages that include site evaluation and, design and engineering.

Prestige Construction and Design is an expert in the ADU project solution and provides a turnkey solution. If you are looking to transform your home into a small ADU project, call Prestige Construction and Design and get a completely new outlook of your home.

Tips to Handle Fire Within Your Dwelling Unit

Los Angeles’s most trustworthy construction company, Prestige Construction and Design is dedicated to serving you well, so that your dwelling unit is kept protected from fire attack. You can now take tips from our experts on fire handling requirements in Los Angeles dwelling units.  These can be implemented to safeguard your house from any risk of fire attack. A devastating fire can completely destroy your newly built dwelling unit and take away your lives. Therefore, the protection of your dwelling unit appears to be significant for your safety. Before your dwelling unit gets damaged by fire, contact Prestige C&D’s fire management unit that has been providing services to Los Angeles dwellers since 2005.

You do not have to worry about payment as we take the charge from your insurance. Prestige C&D experts will visit your home and suggest ways that you can apply so that your dwelling unit gets protected from fire attack. Fire can totally spoil the beauty of your dwelling units that you have built with your whole life’s savings. Besides taking dwelling unit designing help from Prestige C&D experts, you need to focus on its safety issue. Prestige C&D’s fire management team will provide you all sorts of help to protect your dwelling unit from fire attack.

If you are a resident of Los Angeles, you don’t have to worry much about protecting your recently redesigned dwelling unit against fire attack. You just have to contact Prestige C&D‘s expert team who will give you all the essential tips that you can utilize to get safe. As you don’t have to pay anything extra, you need to contact us as soon as possible so that your dwelling unit does not face a fire attack. Live at your dwelling unit safely. We are always ready to help you and your satisfaction is our great expectation. Protect your dwelling unit against accidental fire attack with the help of Prestige C&D, the most reputed fire damage repair company of Los Angeles.

Prestige Remodel As The Only Remodeling Solutions

Are you looking forward to a complete renovation of your house?? Then you are at the right place because Prestige Construction & Design is a well familiar name in Los Angeles and among the southern communities of California for house remodeling. We are able to build up an outstanding reputation for excellence in both providing high-quality service in house remodeling and achieving high-end customer satisfaction.

There are multiple reasons to call our service as the only remodeling solutions-

  • Our Experience Staff

One of the most important parts of our providing remodeling services is our high quality experienced staff who are well dedicated with their work from beginning to end. Our professional team members include experienced framers, roofers, insulators, and carpenters, plumbers, flooring installer, painters, electricians and drywall installers. They are highly dedicated with their promised date and quality work what the customers required for. Our house remodeling projects have already gained reputation throughout Los Angeles, where Prestige C&D is the most trustworthy company for house remodeling.

  • Disciplined Work system

Our expert team can start their project as soon as possible, so that it becomes convenient for you and we can assure you that we will work according to your given schedule and time. In terms of a huge project we will take ample amount of time so that we can retain your expectation from that project. Our experts are the ultimate solution to your problem related to house remodeling and redesigning in Los Angeles.

  • Legal and Security Codes

Prestige Construction & Design, the top house remodeling contractor of Los Angeles can also manage all necessary issues associated with building codes and building permits. Our legal experts are fully aware of the legal rules and regulations. We are completely ready to handle your burden from your shoulders.

  • Different examples of Our House Remodeling Projects

If you want to upgrade the entire home structure or if you want a thorough renovation of your home before selling the property, then we can help you to remodel the entire building. We can work precisely according to your required plans and acquire your desired renovated house which will look new and comfortable to live in.